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About us

We are specialist Cleaning, Coloring and Repairing service provider for all kinds of high end designer handbags, shoes & other leather accessories like jackets, belts, wallets etc. Our job is to breathe in a new lease of life into your prized possessions.


We clean and recondition designer handbags, shoes and other accessories.


Re-coloring is a part of almost any resoration. We specialize in leather coloring. Hence the name COLOR SPA.


Fine leather is never irreversibly damaged, we do repairs with a high level of craftsmanship.

With over 7 years of experience, our work is based on a thorough understanding of the different types of leather and their characteristic properties.

Coloring Experts

Coloring plays a huge role in leather restoration. Our expertise in leather coloring is quite literally unmatched in the market. With over 5 years in service, we consider ourselves specialists in leather coloring. Which is why we call ourselves, Color Spa.

Our Services

Shoes, bags and leather accessories, have very different lives, therefore they demand a differentiated process of repairs. ShoeSpa, BagSpa and LeatherSpa are our trademark services, the repair process is designed to deal with unique challenges posed by them.

No matter how much you love them, shoes receive harsh treatment. Unsuitable weather conditions also accelerate their damage. Discoloration, chemical damage, stains and odour add to the misery. Colorspa's shoe care keeps your shoes in excellent condition. We also provide replacement parts like insoles and matching laces. You can finally enjoy your pricey shoes and leave the worries to us.

Handbags are the ultimate fashion accessory. The handbag has become a symbol of affluence and femininity. Besides we understand how personal and dear it is to you. Since it is such a visible object, a high level of perfection is required in the restoration work. The BagSpa service is tailored to handle bags with the utmost care whatever the material.

Colorspa extends its offerings to all clothing accessories, such as wallets, belts and jackets. These offerings encompass the complete spectrum of leather care services- starting from stain removal and colour correction to repair and restoration. We also provide rehydrating services for your accessories using our specially formulated cleansers, ensuring freshness and also acting as protection against the harmful elements.

ColorSpa Process

When your valuables come to our workshop, it goes through a cleaning, coloring and repairing process that we have fine tuned over the years.


When your article is brought to our workshop, it is first assessed by a specialist who examines the material and the condition of item before recommending to you the best treatment for it.


The article is then tagged with detailed instructions. It is also stuffed with paper and so it retains its shape while it is placed in a cleaning queue.


Repairs are done at this stage if it is necessary or else it moves to the cleaning stage.


At this stage a general clean up is done to remove dust/dirt. Then a cleaning specialist examines the item and decides which part to clean first, deciding which cleaning agents are suitable depending on the material and finish required.


Our coloring service reverses the ageing process of the product, providing everything from minor touch-ups and color correction to complete restoration.


Your article then goes through a disinfection process to kill germs, reduce moisture and unpleasant odour.

Quality Control

We then do a final and thorough quality check to ensure the job is upto a high standard.


Your article is given a final touch of moisturiser and packed for delivery.


Your item is ready for delivery. We will then review the results with you on delivery.

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We offer a free pick up and delivery service.
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